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Richardson Facility

Lone Star Cold Storage

Richardson Facility

Constructed with metal beams, tilt walls and insulated metal panels, the warehouse is 227,331 Sq. Ft. with 5,061,584 Cu. Ft. of storage space. The facility is partitioned into seven rooms allowing for multiple temperature needs.

Ammonia Refrigeration System

Our facility uses an energy efficient and environmentally friendly ammonia refrigeration system that keeps cost down while providing the temperature range your products require.

As part of the refrigeration system, we have an energy management system to assist in controlling our energy usage and expense.

-20F to +45F Temperature Availability

A wide range of temperatures allows us to provide room freezing, tempering or storage of a variety of products from fresh produce to ice-cream.

5,061,584 Cubic Feet of Storage Space

Freezer Storage Space

4,441,784 Cu. Ft.
-20F to 0F

Cooler Storage Space

649,800 Cu. Ft.
+28F to +45F

Dock Space

584,077 Cu. Ft.
+40F to +45F

Blast Capacity

Capacity of 160 Pallets per day.

Structural Steel Racking

Structural steel racking is installed throughout the facility providing a stronger, sturdier racking system.

With this fast-paced, high turnover environment, structural steel provides a more durable racking system able to accommodate heavier loads for the customer’s product.

38 Dock Doors and Large Parking Area

Richardson has 38 docks doors to accommodate a large number of trailers. All doors are sealed to contain temperatures and to create a barrier to outside elements. The docks vary from 36 ft to 54 ft deep to allow for staging and loading trailers.

A large concrete parking area allows for ease of access and maneuvering of vehicles.

Security Coverage

The security of your product, our employees and the premises is important to Lone Star Cold Storage. With that in mind, investments were made in several types of security systems.

  • Burglar—A centrally monitored burglar system that alerts us to intrusion to keep the premises secure.
  • Fire—The fire suppression system is centrally monitored 24/7 with sensors throughout the building and the racking. The system is specially designed for use in cold storage environments.
  • Access—Building access is secured with a badge access system to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the building.
  • Cameras—Video cameras are installed throughout the premises with 24/7 access for monitoring the building and product movement.
  • Data and Information Technology—A 3rd party provider manages the onsite servers and backups and provides off-site disaster recovery.
  • Ammonia Sensors—The central monitoring system provides 24/7 notification for unusual ammonia levels in the facility.

Lone Star Cold Storage

Lone Star Cold Storage is an innovative provider of warehousing and distribution services. With well over 100 years of combined public refrigerated warehousing experience, our team is supported by leading edge inventory management systems including RF shipping and receiving. Our services include: Freezing, Blast Freezing, Cooler, Tempering, Inventory Management, EDI Capabilities, Case Picking, Cross Dock, Internet Fulfillment, Kitting & Assembly, and Pharmaceutical Storage.

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