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Lone Star Cold Storage

Lone Star Cold Storage is an innovative provider of warehousing and distribution services. With well over 100 years of combined public refrigerated warehousing experience, our team is supported by leading edge inventory management systems including RF shipping and receiving.


Our facility has designated freezer rooms with temperatures of -10F and -20F allowing us to store your product at the best temperature to protect the product.  If your manufacturing process does not allow for freezing of the product at your facility, we offer room freezing services.

Blast Freezing

If your product requires faster freezing than room freeze, we can freeze up to 160 pallets per day in our blast cells. From gel packs to protein products, we can freeze pallets quickly to best preserve the safety and quality of your product.


We have several rooms dedicated to temperatures in the +32F to +45F range for product that would be damaged by freezing or is to be sold ready to consume by the end customer.


Tempering services are available to safely deliver product to you at the specified temperature.  


All docks are refrigerated at +45F with a total of 38 dock doors giving us flexibility in servicing your drivers to get them in and out on time.  

Customer Access

Our customers have secure, 24/7, real-time access to inventories, shipments, receipts and invoices. Access can be customized based on your employee’s job function, i.e. inventory clerk or payables clerk.

Inventory Management

Our WMS allows us to track multiple attributes associated with your pallets. We can allocate your product based on FIFO, LIFO, or your custom lot attributes. RF scanning is used in all phases of the operation for speed and accuracy.

EDI Capabilities

We can exchange a wide variety of the standard and/or customized warehouse transactions for receiving, shipping and inventory control with our EDI system.

Case Picking

Order fulfillment customized to fit your customers order patterns. We can provide specialized loading and bills of lading based on the order’s demand.

Cross Dock

If you need short term storage or same day turnaround of product, we can assist you with our cross-dock service.

Internet Fulfillment

We have the systems in place to receive, process and deliver orders to your end customers. Integration with a national shipping company allows us to label and ship products and provide tracking numbers back to you.


We can provide cost-effective, reliable kitting and assembly services for your product.


Secure areas are available to store your specialized pharmaceutical products.

Warehouse/Office Leasing

Warehousing space and office space is available for long term lease for those customers that require on site operational support.